Mahone’s Allows You to Pay for Wallpaper with Crypto

It appears crypto is becoming more popular as methods of payment not just for users, but for merchants.Crypto Is as Prominent as Cash and Credit CardsWith the introduction of enterprises like Flexa, the use of cryptocurrencies as means of payment for goods and services suddenly appears much easier. In addition, currencies like bitcoin and Ethereum have been spiking steadily since April, which have ultimately increased both interest and trust in the assets and their abilities to placate transactions in the digital spectrum.Most payments nowadays are done online. This means that they’re done digitally or not in person. Thus, cryptocurrencies can make a powerful tool for enhancing the security and strength of online payments and give everyone an easier time providing their payment information without the risk of being hacked.But merchants have always been slow to accept crypto as payment thanks, in part, to the volatility and price swings that have…

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