Litecoin Foundation and UNICEF Team Up for Kids’ Educations

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Financial education isn’t easy to come by. While many colleges around the world have begun to slowly offer blockchain and cryptocurrency courses to students, the numbers are relatively small, and the change isn’t coming fast enough to really get students ready for careers in the blockchain industry. The Litecoin Foundation is looking to change all that through its new partnership with UNICEF. Litecoin Foundation and UNICEF Seek to Educate Kids The cryptocurrency firm has joined hands with a division of UNICEF known as UNICEF Kid Power and is looking to develop financial education for young children at an early age so they can begin getting the knowledge and experience they need as soon as they enter the classroom. This is unique in that many people interested in financial careers must wait until their college years or adulthood to garner the data they require, but Litecoin is looking to tackle this…

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