Lazarus Is Back: Researchers Uncover New Hacking Case

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Is it possible that North Korea is back in the cryptocurrency hacking space? According to one source, that’s exactly the case. Researchers say they’ve uncovered a new attack from Lazarus, based in the nuclear-powered country. Lazarus Is Back in Our Midst North Korea has been involved in several crypto hacking cases over the past few years and is allegedly using stolen digital funds to power its nuclear program. The nation has allegedly performed attacks on its neighbor to the south, the United States and several other global regions. Thus far, it is believed that the country has garnered more than half-a-million USD-worth of crypto funds. For the most part, it seems that North Korea’s hacking method of choice is crypto jacking, an ugly (and popular) way of garnering funds that simply aren’t yours. Via crypto jacking, a malicious individual or source seeks to gain control of one’s computer or smart…

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