Josh Riddett: BTC Will Reach $1.2 Million Following UK’s Exit from EU

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Josh Riddett, CEO of Easy Crypto Hunter, thinks that Brexit could bear a lot of positive results for bitcoin and eventually push the cryptocurrency past the $1 million point. Riddett: BTC Will Spike Heavily in 20 Years In a recent interview, Riddett commented that bitcoin and other forms of crypto will likely serve as the predominant methods of payment within the next five to ten years and says that Brexit could ultimately cause bitcoin to hit one million pounds (about $1.2 million in USD). It seems like many of the 29-year-old tech entrepreneur’s predictions are already off to a good start. As it stands, companies like Starbucks are now looking to make it easier for customers to potentially buy drinks, pastries and other items with digital currency rather than cash or credit cards. Perhaps if the move is successful and other companies follow in Starbucks’ shoes, we may soon be…

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