Jennifer Campbell: Institutional Players Are Craving Regulation

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Jennifer Campbell is a cryptocurrency entrepreneur. At present, she is the co-founder and CEO of Tagomi, a cryptocurrency trading platform that manages tens of millions of dollars-worth of crypto assets for institutional players. Based in New York, the company is relatively new, having been founded only a year ago, but has already raised nearly half-a-billion in venture funds. Campbell Knows a Thing or Two About Making Crypto Secure In a recent interview, Campbell explains the need for new legislation centered on crypto activity. She says that without the proper laws in place, digital assets have no chance of exceeding their present levels or legitimately competing with fiat or precious metals. One of the most important aspects of regulatory scrutiny surrounding crypto is that it is slated to attract more institutional players, which Campbell comments are the “bread and butter” of the cryptocurrency arena. Institutional players are what will drive the…

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