Is Coinbase Responsible for Litecoin’s Gains?

Is Litecoin trying to square off with bitcoin? The cryptocurrency is replicating its rival’s behavior and has swelled by roughly 19 percent in just a few hours.Litecoin Rushes to the Front of the LineNews recently hit crypto enthusiasts everywhere that the father of digital money, bitcoin had swelled to more than $5,000 in just a few minutes. Considering all the bad news surrounding bitcoin in 2018, traders and analysts are taking the news to heart and celebrating with grins on their faces, even though $5,000 is far from where bitcoin stood just one year ago.Bitcoin isn’t alone in its ascension. The currency was joined by Litecoin, which has seen slow, steady gains over the past few days. Wednesday morning, however, saw the currency experience a jump exceeding 19 percent, marking the largest swell for Litecoin in some time.The currency is now trading for just under $84. Many are wondering if…

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