INTERVIEW: MintDice’s CEO Offers Insights Into the Platform and Their Strategy

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MintDice is a new entrant in the cryptocurrency gaming scene and the company has attracted a lot of attention in recent days, as the company is said to develop its own games from scratch. It is a novel deviation from the current standards, as most of the online game platforms tend to rely on games developed by certain well-known publishers than creating their own custom, provably fair games. We asked a few questions about MintDice and its features to the CEO Bryce Daifuku and this is what he had to say: Q: Let us start with the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when they look at MintDice. How is it different from other cryptocurrency casinos? A: We are trying to accomplish many things to create the best overall architecture for the Bitcoin casino space presently. To begin with, we are only using Provably Fair technology but also making…

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