Illicit Mining Campaign Targeting Monero Is Uncovered

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A new campaign designed to illicitly mine cryptocurrency has been uncovered. Known as Smominru, the campaign has already targeted approximately 500,000 computer networks around the globe to steal both cryptocurrencies like Monero and people’s private financial data. Monero Tends to Be the Cryptocurrency of Choice The fact that Monero is being targeted would place this attack in the category of crypto-jacking. The process involves a hacker or hackers obtaining access to a person’s computer or smart device without their consent or knowledge. From there, the hacker uses the person’s energy source to mine Monero and garner serious profits through the extraction of new coins. Unfortunately, the victimized individual earns nothing unless one counts the harsh electricity bills that they receive at the end of each month. It’s an unfair and cowardly process that’s garnered heavy popularity over the past few years, but where this campaign differs is in that the…

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