Hunter Horsley: Libra Will Not Have a Huge Debut

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Hunter Horsley is the former product manager of Facebook. He now heads the Bitwise Asset Management firm and was largely responsible for the submittal of the company’s latest bitcoin-based exchange-traded fund (ETF) proposal that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) so unceremoniously rejected. Horsley Has His Own Thoughts on Libra Libra – the famed cryptocurrency from Facebook that’s set for a 2020 debut – has been at the center of heavy attention as of late, and many regulators, analysts and crypto enthusiasts don’t really know what to make of the currency. Horsley says that while he’s confident Libra will have a big debut, it’s not likely to be available in all areas, and will be released in increments rather than all at once. In a recent interview, he comments: I do think Libra will launch, but I think will launch ex-US, in a jurisdiction like Switzerland or Singapore, and will…

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