Gemini Is Hooking Up with Crypto Startup Flexa

Earlier today, reported that a startup known as Flexa had made its way onto the cryptocurrency scene and was working to make it so that major retailers could accept crypto as forms of payment.Gemini and Flexa Partner UpInterestingly, the company is not just getting support from retailers. New York-based cryptocurrency exchange Gemini recently announced that it would be partnering with Flexa. Customers of Gemini will be able to download the Flexa app and use the crypto they have stored in their accounts to purchase goods and services through accepting retailers.Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have stated that they both wish for cryptocurrencies to garner mainstream status, and that a company allowing crypto to be spent with merchants is the best way to accomplish this goal.Regarding why they chose to partner with Flexa, Tyler Winklevoss commented:We really liked the Flexa team. They had extensive history in the payments space before crypto, understand…

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