Experts Weigh in On Where Bitcoin Will Go from Here

Where will bitcoin go from here?The Leader of Crypto Is Splitting Minds… AgainRecently, news was published explaining that the father of crypto had reached the $7,000 mark. The currency has been on a serious bull run since we first entered April, and the currency has now reached a nine-month high.The big question is, “Will it continue to rise beyond our expectations, or will it suddenly drop and deplete all its recent gains?” Votes are in from assorted experts, and as one would anticipate, the reactions to bitcoin’s price are rather mixed. Some say it has entered newfound bullish territory and will rise beyond anything we could have predicted. Others spew the same old gloom and doom.Morgan Creek Digital CEO Mark Yusko is one of those people predicting good things for the asset. In a recent interview, Yusko commented that bitcoin could potentially reach $400,000 within the next ten years and…

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