Despite U.S.-China Tensions, Bitcoin Hasn’t Done Well

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Well, it seems analysts are now saying that bitcoin has failed to live up to our expectations. The currency, despite the harsh trade war conditions that should have put it in a top spot on the financial map, has really failed to rally the way many industry experts thought it would, and at press time, many are hoping the currency can turn itself around before 2020 shows itself. Bitcoin Ain’t Doing So Hot In August, trade war conditions were at their worst. The U.S. and China were at each other’s throats, with President Donald Trump invoking tariffs on $300 billion new imports from our eastern neighbor, while China swore to retaliate and threw new tariffs of its own into the mix. It was an ugly game of who’s stronger than who, with many claiming that average, everyday citizens would eventually get caught in the middle. For the most part, it’s…

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