Dash Spreads Its Wings in Australia and Latin America

Dash is popular pretty much everywhere you look. Who knew that a cryptocurrency – relatively obscure when compared to mainstream assets like bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin – could gain so much traction in the blockchain space so quickly?Latin America Is the New “Dash Haven”Recently, the digital currency paired up with a Latin American exchange known as Crypto Buyer. Latin America has been a popular hotspot for Dash as of late. Recently, discussed how the currency’s presence in countries like Venezuela and Colombia has been enhanced by its addition to exchanges such as Daexs, one of the largest and most prominent trading platforms in the region. It compares with bitcoin as a potential solution for inflation and the lagging financial services available to most residents.Now, through its addition to Crypto Buyer, Dash will be available to customers on a zero-fee basis. The cryptocurrency has also partnered with a Venezuelan department store…

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