Coinbase Shocks Us and Offers XRP to New Yorkers

Here’s something that’s a big deal. Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase – arguably one of the biggest and most popular digital asset trading platforms in the United States – has announced that New York residents will have the option of trading, selling and purchasing units of XRP, the official cryptocurrency of digital coin company Ripple.A Big Change of HeartWhy is this a big deal, you ask? For two reasons. First off, Ripple has often been scorned by Coinbase and other exchanges in the past that have sought to adhere to present security laws. Coinbase has often stated that it will never trade or sell anything that likely won’t qualify as a security either now or in the immediate future, so its attitude towards XRP has significantly changed.Many consider XRP to be a centralized unit of currency, predominantly because most of the XRP units in circulation are still owned by Ripple executives including…

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