Canaan Creative Is Looking to Get Itself Listed on the Nasdaq

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Canaan Creative – the second-largest developer and distributor of bitcoin mining equipment – has filed for a public listing on the Nasdaq. The company is hosting a $400 million initial public offering (IPO) to potentially pay off debts and fund both blockchain artificial intelligence (AI) research. Canaan Creative Is Rushing to the Goal Canaan is among the largest companies developing bitcoin miners, and is second only to Bitmain, which like Canaan, is stationed in China. As it stands, both companies stand to miss out granted China ever decides to implement the bitcoin mining ban it’s been discussing for so long. However, as it stands, no steps have been taken towards such a ban, and both companies can operate as planned without interruption. Perhaps China is a little worried about losing billions in state revenue from these companies and is thus a little hesitant to say no to mining outright. Either…

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