Blade Is Getting Attention from Coinbase and the Silicon Valley

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As crypto becomes more mainstream, we’re likely to see many more exchanges and businesses pop up here and there… And sometimes, these exchanges attract the attention (and funds) of other exchanges, like the recent case of Blade and Coinbase. Blade – A New Kind of Crypto Exchange Blade is a new cryptocurrency exchange looking to make a name for itself and compete with the big dogs, i.e. Binance – the largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the world – and Coinbase, based in the U.S. The latter is known for its many course offerings and the ever-growing number of assets it offers on Coinbase Pro, but what it probably isn’t known for is how much funding it’s provided to past ventures looking to ease their way into the crypto arena. Blade is one such venture, having recently secured more than $4 million in funding from Coinbase, along with several…

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