Bitcoin to Reach $16,000 Mark by October’s End?

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Well, we’ve all heard some rather crazy bitcoin price predictions throughout the year, but this one is likely to take the cake. Bitcoin Heading for the Stars? Who Knows? According to one source, the price of bitcoin is set to reach $16,000 by the time the month is over. It then asks the question, “Is this still possible?” As much as we’d like to believe that bitcoin has the strength to add roughly $7,000 to its price within a few short days, the likelihood of this happening within that time is relatively slim. BTC, for the most part, has enjoyed a strong few days since last Wednesday’s drop. The currency had been traveling through the low $8,000 range for most of October after Bakkt debuted to rather disappointing reception. However, nothing could have prepared us for the second drop that would come within 30 days. Mark Zuckerberg – the CEO…

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