Bitcoin Grows, but Selloffs Are a Growing Problem

At press time, bitcoin is back up and trading for over $7,900. Just a short way to go and the currency will be back at $8,000.Bitcoin Is Strong, but Not as Strong as It Should BeUnfortunately, the currency is still trading for about $1,000 less than where it stood just one or two weeks ago, which means that while the currency has recovered somewhat, there’s still plenty of room for improvement.The reason behind the drop could be a selloff that occurred early last week. One source says that selloffs like these are “gaining traction.” They’re also proof that many people still do not understand what cryptocurrencies are about.While many were designed as units of payment, that route hasn’t been fully established as of late. Yes, we’re witnessing the birth of organizations such as Flexa that are designed to make cryptocurrency payments easier for both users and merchants alike. However, this…

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