Bitcoin Falls Again, but Is Still Likely to Experience Price Surges

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At press time, bitcoin – the granddaddy of all crypto – is trading for just over $10,500. This is about $400 less than where it stood yesterday and nearly $1,000 less than where it stood just last week. Bitcoin Has Taken Another Nasty Tumble For the most part, bitcoin has been going through serious up-and-down phases since the end of June. Originally, the currency struck the $13,000 mark and seemed poised to jump up to $14,000. Unfortunately, the coin ultimately fell before this task could be tackled properly, and it’s been trapped in a “lava lamp” of sorts ever since. The currency moves up, then it moves back down, and nothing that significant appears to be occurring as of late. While bitcoin did strike a new low since its bullish behavior began in April of this year – ultimately falling to about $9,400 just a few weeks ago – the…

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