Bitcoin Depot Takes Over DFW Bitcoin, Adds 10 Machines to Its Roster

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Bitcoin Depot, an Atlanta, Georgia-based manufacturer and distributor of cryptocurrency ATMs, has announced that it is fusing with its competitor DFW Bitcoin, which also develops similar machines for depositing and withdrawing crypto funds. Bitcoin Depot Is Headed for the Top In what is more of a buy-out than a full-on fuse, DFW Bitcoin only has about ten individual crypto ATMs stationed throughout the United States. They are now owned and operated by Bitcoin Depot, and analysts are going crazy over the news. The prediction is that not only will cryptocurrency become more legitimate, but this maneuver, being the first of its kind, also signifies what they refer to as a “compound growth rate” of nearly 50 percent for digital currency within the next five years. Brandon Mintz, CEO of the company, explains: Our acquisition of DFW Bitcoin is exciting news for both Bitcoin Depot and the Bitcoin ATM industry at…

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