Bitcoin Defies All Odds and Reaches $7,000

Bitcoin is on a roll, and as of late, it appears unstoppable.How One Currency Is Defying All OddsThe price of bitcoin recently rose to $7,000 on Sunday morning in the United States, marking a new nine-month high for everybody’s favorite cryptocurrency. The coin has been pushing its price further and further since early April, and thus far, it has kept up its present momentum.Bitcoin reached (as we all remember) $20,000 per unit in December of 2017. It was a great gift, right on time for that year’s holiday season following nearly 24 straight months of bullish activity and steady price rises. Many enthusiasts and traders thought that bearish activity would inherently become a thing of the past, and that bitcoin would continue to rise further up the technical charts.Unfortunately, this wasn’t quite the case. By January 2018, the currency had dropped by $4,000 into the $16,000 range. Many largely blamed…

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