Bitcoin Adds Further Gains; Surges to $9,700

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It’s happened again, folks. Another major jump for bitcoin is in the books, and this time, the currency is just shy of trading at the $10,000 mark. Bitcoin Explodes in Price Again It seems bitcoin has had an extraordinary week when one really considers the circumstances of its present price journey. The currency has managed to regain all its losses from September and October in just a matter of days. It fell from $9,500 in late September when Bakkt – the institutional crypto trading platform owned by the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) – failed to perform. It then fell again when Mark Zuckerberg was ready to take the stand before Congress to discuss Libra. It has been one ugly drop after another over the past 30 days, yet the currency is showing itself to be a resilient little bugger. There have been a few rises here and there, but nothing like…

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