Binance Coin: The Crypto Space’s New Leader?

There’s a new crypto sheriff in town, and it goes by the name of Binance Coin.Make Way for BNB, the Seventh-Largest CoinBinance Coin – or BNB as it’s also called – is now the seventh-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, and the currency has risen by approximately 300 percent over the past year. Recently, the coin surpassed its all-time high of roughly $24.In addition, the currency is looking better and better in the eyes of so-called experts. Last month, the Weiss ratings – which rate cryptocurrencies based on their technical prowess, security and customer benefits – rated Binance Coin, along with a few other currencies, a solid B- grade. The asset, still relatively new to the space, beat out bitcoin, which was given a less-than-stellar grade of C+.B- is the highest grade handed out by the Weiss Ratings report. Though it may not seem like much, there is proof within the…

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