AT&T Sued After Its Employees Allegedly Took Part in SIM-Swapping Case

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In the past, we’ve reported that AT&T has been the subject of lawsuits in that it allowed its employees to take part in SIM-swapping attempts, so hackers could gain access to potential cryptocurrency holders’ phones. A new case has emerged today that sees the phone company at the center of an $18 million lawsuit. AT&T Is at the Center of a Crypto Fight… Again The plaintiff is Seth Shapiro of Torrance, California. Shapiro describes himself as an “Emmy-winning media and technology expert,” thought at press time, it’s unclear what programs he’s worked on. Either way, SIM-swapping continues to be a popular method amongst cyberthieves looking to get their fingers on cryptocurrency funds that aren’t theirs. SIM-swapping occurs when a hacker gains access to a phone holder’s private information, such as their birthdate or social security number. They then contact the employees of that person’s cell phone provider and request data…

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