AT&T Says It’s Not Responsible for SIM-Swapping, Prepares for Court Battle

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Cell phone and internet provider AT&T isn’t putting up with allegations that it allowed SIM-swapping to occur. It is now readying itself for what will no doubt be a harsh legal fight against those who are seeking reparations due to potential AT&T employees that might have played a part in millions of crypto funds being stolen over the past several months. SIM-Swapping Is a Huge Problem SIM-swapping is a very deadly (but also popular) tactic utilized by several members of the cyberthief community. The process involves gaining access to a person’s personal data such as their social security number and their birthdate. With that information, a hacker can potentially call the person’s cell phone provider and claim to be them. By presenting the personal information they possess, they act like the original owner of the account and ultimately have their data transferred to a SIM card that the hacker possesses.…

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