Anthony Pompliano: Bitcoin Is Superior to Gold

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At press time, bitcoin has spiked beyond the $11,000 mark and is trading for roughly $11,725. A few hundred dollars more and we’ll be at $12,000, which is where many analysts think the coin is headed next. $100,000 for Bitcoin by 2021 Isn’t Too Far Off the Mark After a rough few weeks in which bitcoin was battered from all sides (President Donald Trump submitted a barrage of tweets condemning the coin, while Facebook’s Libra was hit with a congressional hearing and potential delays), the currency has already risen by more than $2,000 since hitting a new low of $9,400. The currency has managed to remain resilient throughout the last month despite some negative press, and things are really starting to pick up. In just the last 24 hours, the currency rose by roughly $800. Just yesterday, the coin hadn’t hit $11,000 and was trading for just over $10,900. Anthony…

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