Alexander Kravets: I’m Looking for Retail Investors

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It is the opinion of many experts, analysts and traders in the cryptocurrency space that institutional players are likely to make the biggest difference in ensuring mainstream status for digital assets. However, Alexander Kravets, the U.S. CEO of cryptocurrency exchange CEX.IO, is taking an opposite stance, and putting all his betting money on retail players. Kravets: Retail Players Will Hold Greater Influence CEX is a digital assets trading platform that recently expanded its presence across the U.S. by garnering money transmitter licenses (MLTs) in more than nine states, some of which include West Virginia, New Hampshire, Alaska and Kansas. The company has also partnered with another exchange – – and garnered several institutional customers in the process, which frees up the company somewhat to focus on what Kravets thinks is the real glue of the cryptocurrency world: retail-based traders. In a recent interview, Kravets comments: We believe that the…

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