ZeroState (ZSC TOKEN)

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Token sale opening date:
21 Mar 2018 (2 years ago)
Token sale closing date:
20 Jul 2018 (2 years ago)
Effective solution for customer loyalty management through emotional involvement. Tokenized feelings represent knowledge about emotional ties and connections that are core to the relationships. We have already implemented a technical solution that brings together users and advertisers for their mutual benefit. You can place advertisements and get impressions, clicks and user reviews for a bonus. All user reviews will be recorded into the blockchain. Token holders will be able to use them in the ZeroState app to launch an advertising campaign and make payments to users. Tokens can be stored in a user’s ERC20 cryptocurrency wallet and exchanged for other cryptocurrencies in the stock exchange. Tokens paid for an advertising campaign via the ZeroState app are transferred to the cryptocurrency wallets of the users participating in the campaign. The user may exchange them in a stock exchange, store them in the cryptocurrency wallet, or sell them for any cryptocurrency to other users dire.





Evgeniy Sosnin - CTO

Aleksandr Mikhailov - CMO

Sasha Karachinsky - Designer

Maxim Varganov - Community Manager

Alex Shiganov - Team Lead

Galina Muravyeva - iOS developer

Alexey Ganin - Senior Backend Developer

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