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Token sale opening date:
10 Jun 2018 (2 years ago)
Token sale closing date:
10 Aug 2018 (2 years ago)
PASS tokens will change the way cryptocurrency holders utilize their assets. Harnessing our established partnerships with world-class and local brands, WisePass will allow token holders the ability to purchase items to be consumed in everyday life. By utilizing a cryptocurrency to purchase goods and services users can consume everyday, we will become the main bridge between the crypto-economy and the real world economy.


Restricted areas:
USA, China



Aymeric Matencio - Head of Ops & Co-Founder

Trung Dang Duc - Head of Tech

Jérémy Lemaire - Head of Business Dev

Vy Bui - Operations Manager

Tien To - Senior Business Development Executive

Khanh Vo - Marketing & Events Manager

Linh Nguyen - Marketing Assistant

Céline Francois - Senior Account Manager

Jean Baptiste Charbonnier - Purchasing Manager

Ha Tran - Business Development Manager (Hanoi)

Ranchaya Phongphipat - Business Development Manager (Bangkok)

Carey James - Global Corporate Sales Manager

Tien Manh Tran - PR Manager

Kieu Pham - Front End Developer

Yen Hoang Vu - Corporate Sales Manager

Nikol Bilíková - ICO Marketing Manager

Kimble Ngo - ICO & Blockchain Advisor

Christian Geissendoerfer - ICO & Blockchain Advisor

Sieng Van Tran - ICO & Lifestyle Advisor

Paul Espinas - ICO & Marketing Advisor

Eunielle Lee - ICO Advisor

Douglas Abrams - Investor

Roman Imboden - ICO Private Sales Manager

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