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Token sale opening date:
24 Aug 2019 (10 months ago)
Token sale closing date:
17 Apr 2020 (2 months ago)
Our project is designed to accelerate the development and integration of virtual reality technologies in various areas. At our fingertips, virtual reality parks are able to provide users with not only a modern and exciting way to have fun, but also reveal other opportunities of virtual reality, such as holding exhibitions with full immersion in the exposition and safe training in conditions close to reality. In addition, we are creating a platform for developing and distributing games and other software products that use virtual reality technology in various areas. Already today, virtual reality technology is radically changing the process of user interaction with virtual worlds and various applied computer programs. This leads to a reforming of public opinion about games and works with applications, thanks to the transformation of these processes into an active type of activity that does not cause harm to health, as well as making them as native as possible. Together with each project participant, Virtual Reality Park Limited accelerates the distribution and integration of virtual reality into various processes, which will help make many human activities more fruitful and more useful.


Restricted areas:
USA, China



Kirill Granev - CEO

German Molchanov - CCO

Katarina Stabredova - PR Director

Andrey Vinnikov - Frontend Developer

Yuriy Lavroushen - Full Stack Developer

Dmitry Turovets - Project promotion specialist

Andrey Gillikh - Developer of advanced UX/UI

Mikhail Gerasimov - IT specialist

Alyona Ivanova - Editor-In-Chief

Oksana Tovstoles - Chief manager of our project

Alexandra Fefelova - Illustrator

Ruslan Sadovnikov - Chief Legal Advisor

Alexey Gagarin - Specialist in the promotion of projects in the media

Bakhodur Madzhitov - Web programming specialist

Alyona Kachan - Multi-skilled designer

Evgeny Saratovtsev - DevOps engineer

Ksenia Oleynik - Multidisciplinary specialist

Aidar Salimov - 3D graphic designer and illustrator

Dmitry Musersky - Olympic champion of 2012 in volleyball

Dmitry Teryomenko - Legionnaire of the Ukrainian national volleyball team

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