Vector (VCTR)

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Token sale opening date:
08 Dec 2017 (3 years ago)
Token sale closing date:
31 Dec 2017 (3 years ago)
Vector is the first and only cryptocurrency exchange in the world that utilizes its VCTR tokens to take the thoughts and opinions of the community, and build an exchange to their exact specifications. You cannot have a long lasting business without treating your customers with respect and understanding. With millions of new traders joining our crypto community, customer service will be paramount. Vector is going to be the number #1 customer service oriented crypto exchange in the world, with customer service teams working 24/7 to answer calls, and fix any problems customers may have as quickly and efficiently as possible. Cryptocurrency is a 24/7 financial market after all, so why shouldn’t we be?





Nicholas Marblestone - Founder

Rodrigo Silveira - Blockchain Developer

Manoj Patidar - Account Manager

Prasad Pareshi - Engineer

Rishi Agrawal - Software Analyst

Deepak Singh Shekhawat - Account Manager

Sandeep Sharma - Android Developer

Arindam Mohanty - Software Engineer

Ashish Wasewal - Software Engineer

Akshay Dorge - Software Engineer

Vepa Durdiyev - Customer Service Lead

Sergey Belobrov - Web Developer

Petro Sidlovskyy - Software Engineer

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