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Token sale opening date:
21 Feb 2018 (3 years ago)
Token sale closing date:
22 Mar 2018 (3 years ago)
This is the last week of sales of the token TAY, that gives you FREE access to both Taylor Academy and Taylor Assitant - for 1,000 TAY. It has never been cheaper to buy TAY, considering the price in dollars. For 3,000 TAY, you get lifetime access to Taylor Premium. That is a bigger trading limit in the Assistant and premium influencer courses in the Academy. The video demonstrating the use of the Assistant App has just been published. Taylor Assistant is an easy-to-use cryptocurrency trading app where users can enter into automated trading opportunities and profit several times a day.


Restricted areas:
USA, China, Canada, Singapore, South Korea



Brad Mills - Crypto trader, Head of Algorithms

Everton Fraga - Software Engineer at Ethereum, Mist Team

Andre Diamand - Angel Investor at VentureOne, Startup Mentor

Felipe Matos - Founder at Startup Farm, former COO of Start-Up Brazil

Amure Pinho - Mobile App Specialist, President of the Brazilian Startups Association

Thiago Régis - Co-founder & CTO

Rafael Salmon - Chief Marketing Officer

Alexandra Scheufler - Public Relations Manager

Bernardo Ramalho - UI Designer

Frederico Marques - Fullstack Developer

Pedro Marins - Front-end Developer

João Carvalho - Solidity Developer

Jayme Witte - Lawyer, PWPB Law

Thales Soares - Customer Support

Saulo Soares - Community Manager

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