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Token sale opening date:
30 Mar 2018 (2 years ago)
Token sale closing date:
29 Apr 2018 (2 years ago)
AI ICO for giving owners of physical shops data on shopping habits of their customers like Amazon would have. 10 million dollars already raised in presale. Advisors include Steven Nerayoff (architect of the Ethereum ICO an inventor of Gas for Ethereum) and Tom Gonser (Founder of tech unicorn DocuSign). Winner of BTC Miami. This is going to be big! I am not affiliated with this ICO but just wanted to share it because I have participated in the presale.


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Eran Eyal - CEO and CoFounder

Divakar Rayapaty - CTO and CoFounder

Doron Wesly - CMO & Lead Designer

Jeremy Harkness - Blockchain Technology Officer

Michael Herman - CRO

Abhishek Yermalla - VP of Engineering

Aaron Latham - Strategy and Business Development

Bremelin Romero - EA & Office Manager

Vladimir Ustinov - Senior Engineer

Alexey Kulyukin - Senior Engineer

Tom Gonser - Advisor

Steven Nerayoff - Advisor

Parveen Paran - Advisor

Jeff Pulver - Advisor

Sampo Parkkinen - Advisor

Garrette Furo - Advisor

Nathan Low - Advisor

Moshe Bellows - Advisor

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