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Token sale opening date:
14 Jan 2018 (3 years ago)
Token sale closing date:
14 Jan 2018 (3 years ago)
SelfKey is a blockchain based digital identity system with an integrated financial services marketplace, designed to put identity owners in control of their personal data and instantly access Citizenship by Investment, Incorporation, Financial Services, Token Sales, Coin Exchanges and much more, in a safe, secure manner.


Cayman Islands



Eduard Sato - Token Economics

Jason Corbett - Legal Advisor

Peter Colegate - Fintech Legal Expert

Samuel Banks - Blockchain Legal Expert

Haoshen Zhong - USA Tax Attorney

Melissa Virahsawmy - Appleby Legal Advisor

Don Chaiyos Sorumpol - New York (USA) Attorney

Sharmila Bhima - Appleby Legal Advisor

Gordon Walker - International Business Law

Janice Lin - Compliance

Philip D.W. Hogden - International Taxation Law

Corey Harris - Structuring & Compliance

Edmund Lowell - Product & Productivity

Marc Gras - Full-Stack Marketing

Zach Garman - Chief Hustler

Ari Propis - Financial Controls / CFO

Simon Bierling - Community & Growth

Bryan Blair - Growth Hacking

Mohammed Khan - Middle East Expansion

Vic Dorfman - Community Management

Max Nozdrin - Russian Marketing

Angeline F. Quinco - Community Management

Uzzel Lengeline Q. Medico - Community Management

Drew White - Video & Animation

Giorgi Maisuradze - Software Developer

Joonas Ruotsalainen - DevOps & VP engineering

Andre Goncalves - Full-Stack Developer

Carlos Bruguera - Blockchain Engineer

Anri Morchiladze - Developer

Charlie Haviland - Front-End Developer

Giorgi Merabishvili - Developer

Marius Talaglu - Full Stack Developer

Giorgi Burdili - Engineer

Vamekh Basharuli - Full Stack Developer

Vamekh Basharuli - Full Stack Developer

Vi Ton Ho - Design & Development

Alexander Gharibashvili - Front-End Developer

Dimitri Ogaishvili - Software Developer

Arslan Gurbanov - Front End Developer

Tato Mchedlishvili - Full Stack Developer

Denys Kurzik - UI/UX

Som Siriprapa - UI/UX

Ryan Zander - iOS Developer

Simon Pilkington - Engineering & Marketing

Jaspreet Kullar - Tech & Ops

Amelia Oon - Design & Creative

John Mcintyre - Engineering & Marketing

David Sag - Smart Contract Dev

Pat Arunanondchai - Venture Advisor

Christian Nesheim - Advisor / Expert

Trevor Koverko - Polymath Founder

Jose Luis Lopez Pino - Advisor

Janos Barberis - Founder SuperCharger

Ammarin Daranpob - Adventurous Strategy

Ashe Whitener - LIberty Entrepreneurs

Daniel Deweyer - Advisor Banking Relations

Stanley Wang - Government Advisor

Olivier Roucloux - Financial Markets

Richard Cayne - JP. Financial Advisor

Douglas Arner - DLT & Legal Issues

Michael L. Keferl - Innovation, Ideation, Market

Chris Skinner - The Finanser

Tim Frost - The Golden Touch

Unyarut Sukontanit - Chief Introduction Officer

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