Safeguard (SGT)

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Each year, countless people get injured at work, affecting livelihoods and costing business owners an average of $2,000 each year per employee, so a company like Shell spends €184,000,000 annually. Specifically: Each and every day 1,000 people go out to work and do not return home because they die in a workplace accident – the equivalent of four plane crashes. Workplace accidents resulting in injury or death result not only in severe hardship for affected families and co-workers, but also lead to drawn-out legal implications for the organization involved. Current safety solutions are generally outdated (buzzers/pagers, attendance signs, walkie talkies). More and more IoT solutions are being implemented in different work environments, while there are few systems that collect and use the relevant (safety) data it provides.


Hard cap:
9,250,000 EUR



Erik van Eekelen - UI/UX Designer

Gino Taselaar - Growth Marketeer

Wouter Janssen - Android Developer

Jeroen Jansze - Data scientist

Zehna van den Berg - iOS & Blockchain Developer

Bob de Graaf - Data Scientist

Ramon Steur - Finance manager

Albert Stepanyan - AI Advisor

Robert Schoormans - Chief safety & Fire Advisor

Ivo Jonkers - Public speaker about Blockchain

Manuela Krull-Mancinelli - Blockchain Entrepeneur

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