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Token sale opening date:
13 Feb 2018 (2 years ago)
Token sale closing date:
22 Feb 2018 (2 years ago)
REMME is the Distributed Public Key Infrastructure protocol with a set of DApps for Access Management. 65% of confirmed data breaches involve weak, default, or stolen passwords and cybercrime costs the global economy around $400 billion annually. REMME is building the distributed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solution, which prevents phishing, server and password breach, and utilize SSL/TLS protocol to protect the entire channel from attack. The REM token powers all operations within the ecosystem including certificate generation, revocation, and rewarding of nodes which safeguard the network.


British Virgin Islands



Kate Pospelova - CMO & Co-founder

Roman Kravchenko - CTO

Eugene Babichenko - DApp Architect

Taras Emelyanenko - System Architect

Anatolii Padenko - Smart Contract Engineer

Iryna Slobodianiuk - Legal

Yevhenii Turanov - Legal

Zoya Danilina - Social Media Specialist

Sergii Androsiuk - Community Support

Nick Bilogorskiy - Security Advisor

Andrey Zamovskiy - Advisor, Ethereum Guru

Vitaliy Bulychov - Investments Advisor

Roman Oliynykov - Cryptography Advisor

Artem Afian - Legal Advisor

Nestor Dubnevych - Legal Advisor


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