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Token sale opening date:
26 Mar 2019 (1 year ago)
Token sale closing date:
30 Mar 2019 (1 year ago)
PUBLISH is an innovative blockchain-based platform for the next generation of media built by the press for the press. Our mission is to create a highly-accessible and fairly rewarded global blockchain-based media outlet ecosystem for existing publishers to use and build on. With PUBLISH publishers can sustain their business while providing uncompromised journalism. TokenPost, a leading blockchain media outlet in Korea, will serve as the first protocol use case with NEWS token as the official token utilized within TokenPost’s PUBLISH-based news production platform.




Sonny Kwon - Co-founder, CEO

Andy Shin - Co-founder, CBO

Chris Sung - Co-founder, CSO

Youngmin Seo - COO

Jean-Luc Leese - CIO

Simon Yoon - CTO

Stephen Cho - BD Director

Joey Park - Blockchain Analyst

Levi Lim - IP Analyst

Sarah Shin - Global Communication Manager

Ailey Cho - Marketing Manager

Mark Lee - Marketing Manager

JK Lee - Marketing Manager

Riza May Dagoc - HR Manager

Jenna Lee - Project Manager

Jan Kim - Designer

Effie Kim - Designer

Shanice Lee - Designer

Ethan Lee - Software Engineer

Sarah Yoon - Front-end Developer

Hilda Kim - Front-end Developer

May Park - Front-end Developer

Naresh KK - SVP, Economic Research

Lactus Fernandes - Research Analyst

Rangarajan H - Blockchain Analyst

Shampa Mani - TokenPost Editor

Saanando Das - Economist

Aditi Awati - Financial Reporter

Srikanth G - Financial Reporter

Louise Bonquin - Infotainment Reporter

Ramon Lorenzo - Francisco Infotainment Reporter

Jessica Ferrerax - Jessica Ferrera Infotainment Reporter

Melvin Wong - Technology Reporter

John Paul Cornejo - Copy Editor

Beverly Suarez - Digital Ad Ops Manager

Katherine Diwa - Account Executive

Sheena Jordan - Editorial Assistant

John Milburn - Technical Advisor

Paul Moran - Trading Advisor

Jeff McDonald - Blockchain Advisor

Eun Jung Oh - Legal Advisor


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