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Hybrid three-dimensional scalable blockchain with 100k+ on-chain instant transactions and real-time auto sharding. Thanks to multi-layer architecture The Power platform unites public and private shards (mini blockchains) in a single address space. Synchronous protocol Resonance provides real-time peer-to-peer interactions enabling to provide best UX for customers.





Nikolay Saperov - Independent economics expert

Demetrious Zamboglou

Fiorenzo Manganiello

Dimitry Machikhin

Vlad Kirichenko - Consultant for IR

Jeong Hwan (Jake) Kim

Christian Pope - Advisor

Max Mikhailenko - Founder/CEO

Igor Belousov - Founder/CTO

Dmitry Burov - Managing Partner

Vitaly Pirozhkov - Co-founder/CVO, Business Architect

Max Urazaev - Marketing & Community Lead

Maru Kachko - East Asian Community Manager

Oleg Yudin - Community manager

Laura Toma - Marketing consultant

Alex Prayd - Director of Operations for the Asia Market

Asya Dovgaya - Chief Marketing Officer

Alexander Vizgalov - Integration Partner

Vladimir Goncharov - Highly skilled fullstack developer

Andrey Zhuravlev - Senior Blockchain Developer

Alex Leo - Senior software engineer

Vladimir Eliseev - DevOps

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