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OkGlobal Coin Switch (OKGS)

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Token sale opening date:
26 Oct 2019 (7 months ago)
Token sale closing date:
26 Jan 2020 (4 months ago)
First truly global Security Token Offering. A Smart currency that grows year to year and backed by real assets that also saves consumers and merchants high fees from daily routine financial transactions and services. Participation open to all. NOT required to be an accredited or institutional investor. Launch September 20,2019. Instant cross payment and service platform to solve real world problems of high fees, slow account reconciliation times, value volatility, lack of intrinsic trading value and depreciation of currency due to inflation. *Guaranteed minimum increasing base(minimum return) value from reinvested returns from service/payment/finance/investment platform in case of company/coin collapse. *Improve and expedite currency transfer and reduce transaction costs to a negligible amount that is beneficial to all participants. *Retain or increase purchasing pow





Han S. Kim - FOUNDER

Shultz Wang - Project Oversight Manager

Genevievette E. Walker-Lightfoot - General Lead Counsel

Armand Aponte - Assistant Counsel

Niranjan Singh - Technical Advisor

Maggie Corral - Media & Communications Lead

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