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Native Video Box (NVB)

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Token sale opening date:
01 Jan 2018 (3 years ago)
Token sale closing date:
29 Apr 2018 (2 years ago)
Native Video Box (NVB) is next generation decentralised video distribution platform, based on cutting edge modern technologies of multi-tier blockchain and deep machine learning. Our ecosystem resembles YouTube like cryptocurrencies resemble traditional banking system. We create the service that meets the old pains of advertisers, publishers and video content creators at the same time. We believe it will disrupt the industry and could change to future of video advertising. NVB focused on programmatic video advertising with native eco approach. We see that nowadays typical digital video ad platform is literally black box so NVB created to be all the way transparent from the scratch.





Yaacov Bitton

Alexander Miheev

Georgy Mikhaylets

Andrew Playford

Daria Generalova

Andrey Smirnov - CTO

Nikki Stewart - Head of marketing

Dmitriy Solodkiy - Blockchain evangelist

Andrey Tsvetkov - Front end developer

Paul Vasin - CBDO

Peter Kozyakov - IR Director

Alexander Vasilev - Commercial Director

Xenia Vyazemskaya - PR Director

Max Prudchenko - Head of Support

Anton Noginov - Blockchain Architect

Masha Vyazemskaya - Community Manager

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