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Token sale opening date:
01 Feb 2018 (2 years ago)
Token sale closing date:
30 Apr 2019 (1 year ago)
Current capital markets are inefficient and characterized by high fees, limited transparency and too many middlemen. Entrepreneurs are limited in their ability to launch compliant and legal STO's. Individuals have difficulty accessing cross-border secondary markets and banking services. MOBU is building the complete infrastructure solution for the next generation of assets. 1. MOBU supports companies that wish to raise capital – like an investment bank – through its digital security issuance platform. 2. MOBU provides secondary trading - like a stock exchange - through its regulated, almost instantaneous settlement, licensed digital asset exchange. 3. MOBU provides a digital cost-effective banking solution to everyday investors. And ALL this is done on the blockchain to ensure more automation and less middlemen to support corporate efficiency and interoperability!


South Africa
Restricted areas:
Non accredited investors from USA.



Ronen Sartena - Director Of Business Development At The Real Start

Dmitrii Sunka - Business Development Manager At GateON

Bobir Akilhanov - CEO At The Real Start

Ali Ömer Horzum - TokenSuite.Io TokenDrops.Com BountySuite.Com

Phillip Nunn - Cryptocurrency Evangelist

James Barber - Crypto & ICO Community Expert

Lewis Andrew Butler, PhD - Crypto & ICO Community Expert

James Peters - ICO Blockchain Expert

Paul Stephanus Pelser - CFO

Brian Richard Golding - CIO

Frederick Reinhardt van Biljon - CTO

Ettiene Rudolf Pretorius - Business Development

Petri van Zyl - Legal Advisor

Izak Viljoen - Legal Advisor

Roman Golovay - Blockchain Developer


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