Milcoin (MILC)

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Token sale opening date:
09 Mar 2019 (1 year ago)
Token sale closing date:
30 Apr 2019 (1 year ago)
MilCoin is an Asset-backed ERC20 Ethereum token developed by Cryptocurrency Engineers and will be used to acquire a large volume of Beachfront Real Estate throughout Latin America. The LatAm OceanRE, Ltd. & MilCoin Network is a visionary project poised to become a global leader in real estate acquisition, oceanfront resort development and operations, and entertainment programming. Our mission is to be a driver for tourism and community development, a model for sustainable land use and business practices, and an innovator in technologies that reshape how transactions are conducted among investors, consumers, and enterprises alike. LatAm OceanRE & MilCoin Network (called MilCoin Network) is the brainchild of César and Cuauhtémoc Hank, grandsons of influential politician and businessman Carlos Hank Gonzales. They are among the most respected and influential billionaire families in Mexico. Spearheaded by a passionate, dynamic management team boasting extensive experience in real estate.


Restricted areas:



Juan Luis Alberto Entebi Hernandez - Attorney

Steven Schwartz - Marketing Strategy Advisor

Geraldo Delgado - Hotel Operations Advisor

Mario Ayon Suarez - Mexican Documents Logistics Adviser

Kapil Kapadi - Smart Contract & Backend Developer

Jorge Aguirre-Carreon - Corporate Legal Advisor

Luis Miguel Amutio - Real estate Advisor

Alejandro Pareyon Hernandez - Corporate Law Advisor

Stephen G Cawood - Real Estate Advisor

Jacinto Ramirez Lopez - Land Registry Advisor

Ernesto Morán Sahagúnn - Adviser in marketing and promotion

Javier Francisco Esparza - Adviser in International economics

Juan Carlos Orozco de Jesus - Land Registry Advisor

Abraham Palatto Zenteno - Marketing Advisor

Dennis Warner - Promotional Advisor

Roxanna Sosa Camacho - Sponsorship Marketing Adviser PROFILE

César Hank - Co-Founder

Ricardo Besquin - COO

Martha Elena Nevarez Ruiz - Director of Communications

Jorge Alberto Ayon Monslave - Director of Investor Protection

Jose Manuel Amutio - Director of Construction

Pablo Besquin - Director of Marina Development

Max Juan Angel Rey Ramirez Gonzalez - Attorney

Armando Almeida Navarro - President & CEO

Cuahutemoc Hank - Co-Founder

Jacqueline Villarruel - Executive Director Human Resources

Michael Musick - Treasurer

Jorge Alberto Meza Peralta - Chief Acquisition Officer

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