MetaHash (MHC)

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Token sale opening date:
29 Jun 2018 (2 years ago)
#MetaHash is a blockchain-based digital asset exchange network and decentralized real-time application platform. The versatile network utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to synchronize cross-continental nodes to create an optimal map of the network, based on latency rates. The technology then redistributes the data accordingly, harnessing the full power of the entire network, enabling unprecedented processing speeds capable of more than 50k transactions per second, at no more than three seconds for approval of each transaction. #MetaHash MainNet has been launched on June 29, 2018 and has been preceded by months of high-stress load tests and a public TestNet to prove the declared capacity of the network.


Hard cap:
36,000,000 USD
Restricted areas:



Gleb Nikitin - Co-Founder, Partner, CRO

Oleg Romanenko - CSA

Mikhail Zarutskiy - CTO, Head of AI

Sergey Raylyan - CIO

Evgeniy Doronin - BizDev AdSniper

Dmitriy Borisenko - C++ Lead Developer

Ekaterina Bakhman - Web Developer

Migel Drinov - Web Developer

Maria Voronina - Web Developer

Alexandr Varov - Analyst

Julia Radchenko - Analyst

Kalinkina Maria - Analyst

Puzenko Oleg - Web Developer

Olga Trushkina - Tester

Nare Antonian - Tester

Voinova Tamara - HR

Marina Chistova - Programmer C++

Daria Malanina - Programmer C++

Evgeny Dokitsan - PR Manager

Vladimir Bashkin - CEO AdNow, CMO

Artem Kravchenko - Event Director - PR-Director. CEO of AdDays Digital Events

Daria Baranova - Affiliate Director - Publisher Sales Director of AdNow

Pham Thành Trung - Head of Advertiser's Department - Head of Sales Department in Asian Region of AdNow

Daniel Muñoz Tabet - Product and Communication Manager For Latin America

Giorgiy Shengeliya - Content and SMM manager

Hiếu Lee - Product and Communication Manager For Asian region

Peter Grigor - Product and Communication Manager

Reda Samrane - Senior Business Developer Manager

Ekaterina Kozhina - US and Pacific Asia markets manager

Lavrentios Penklidis - Public Relations manager

Anton Agranovsky - Co-Founder, Partner, CBDO

Gennady Yakunin - CEO

Svetlana Rudenok - Deputy CEO - Expert in risk evaluation

Andrey Korostelev - CEO

Vikentiev Sergey - Head of Legal Department

Malitskaya Vladlena - Head of Finance Department

Korolev Alexey - Financial specialist

Kuleshov Oleg - Chief Accountant

Shikhovtseva Oksana - Financial specialist

Kseniya Sushich - Personal Assistant to the President

Olga Trushkina - Secretary

Dmitry Ushakov - COO, General PM

Eugenia Sigacheva - Public Affairs Partner

Zhibo Fan - Asia BD Partner

Alexander Zhigarenko - CBDO Russia, CIS

Michaił Iwanow - Art Director

Anastasia Pichugina - ANP Law Managing Partner

Ekaterina Myznikova - Senior Lawyer

Maxim Mekhriakov - Senior Lawyer

Anna Shevchenko - Lawyer

Ian Balina - Advisor

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