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The main issue of developing countries’ economies is an imperfect legal base and the lack of tools to support real projects and entrepreneurial initiatives. We’re here to fix this! There is a number of problems in project financing, which stops real projects from being supported. Finally, there is an issue of a total cost for the project money, which can become a critical point for a project launch. However, there are a lot of unused funds in the world, whose owners are eager to invest into REAL projects and search for secure ways and tools. This is why the necessity for such tools aroused. It will make project financing a lot easier, which in turn will lead to the creation of a vast variety of new projects and starts for all the people. The market has long been feeling the necessity of the tool introducing Investors to project Initiators without the excess of third parties in order to ensure trust between them. Look at banks! They finance project with other entity’s or entrepreneurs’ money, but the surplus goes right to the bank, not the investors. From now on a cryptocurrency economy has taken its turn and the vicious circle has opened up. We have combined our experience and modern tendencies in the market and have created a TOOL uniting real business and cryptocurrency economy, we made it simple to use for even an amateur investor, giving them transparency, information and protection from risks of business financing. We have also given the initiators of the projects an opportunity to use that simple tool for finance attraction without any troubles.


Hard cap:
11,500,000 USD



Andrey MENSHOV - CEO (chief executive officer)

Tatyana MAMAEVA - CSPO (chief strategic planning officer)

Constantin ERMOLAEV - CFO (chief financial officer)

Constantin MAMAEV - CTO (chief technical officer)

Maria SHERSTENNIKOVA - СМО (chief marketing officer)

Fedor LABUTIN - Deputy Director for Marketing

Alexander VORONIN - SMM manager

Evgenia YAKUSHENKO - Project manager "Magic forest"

Evgeny BELOV - Director of visual communications

Alexander MIHALYUK - Advisor

Margarita TERESHKINA - Advisor

Nadezhda KORNEEVA - Advisor

Irina FEDOROVA - CEO and founder AXTRUST

Kirill GUSEV - Co-founder

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