Lynked.World (LYNK)

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Token sale opening date:
15 Nov 2018 (2 years ago)
Token sale closing date:
10 Feb 2019 (2 years ago)
Lynked.World is a multi-faceted blockchain based ecosystem which will enable businesses to build customized forms and applications to cater to their own specific needs for providing different services to consumers, without needing to be concerned about the authenticity of shared data, documents and the digital identities of the different entities involved in convenient and secure way.


Restricted areas:
USA, Syria



Debashish Biswas - Global Strategy Advisor

Saravana Kumar Malaichami - Blockchain Architect

Jaydev Vaghela - Sr. Software Engineer

Alexis Ernst - UI/UX Architect

Nishant Kansagara - UI/UX Developer

Pragya Shrivastava - Test Engineer

Shailendra Bhushan - Advisor

Jason Hung - GFOB cofounder, ICOBench Top Advisor

Anders Larsson - Founder allcoinWiki

Joakim Holmer - Founder allcoinWiki

M.L. Mitra - Founder National Law College

Arindam Mitra - Principal, DELOITTE TAX

Navdeep Agarwal - General Manager, Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd.

Nirmalya Ghosh - CEO at DXCorr Design Inc.

Pablo Nill - Business Excellence SC Customer Service at Nestle, Switzerland

Partha Sarathi Guha Patra - Founder at ASADEL Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Giorgio Cabai - Presidente STS, Switzerland

Thomas Jazbek - Head of Marketing, RUDIS LLC Trbovlje, Solvania

H. K Mallik - Professor,Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Kautilya Verma - Cloud HCM Strategy & Blockchain enthusiast, USA

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