HybridBlock (HYB)

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Token sale opening date:
23 May 2018 (2 years ago)
Token sale closing date:
06 Jun 2018 (2 years ago)
HybridBlock is the world’s most innovative trading and education platform for leveraging the disruptive technologies emerging from the blockchain space. It is an alternative for those who want to benefit from the explosive growth of cryptocurrencies without the high risk and complexity that accompanies digital asset trading. HybridBlock is simply the most efficient and effective way to participate.


Hong Kong
Restricted areas:
US, China, Canada, and New Zealand



Apolo Ohno - Co-Founder

Rod Jao - Co-Founder

Jonathan Bates - CEO/Chairman

Luther Jao - Managing Director of Asia Operations

Jonathan Weinberger - Principal Economic Advisor

Sung Cho - Technology Innovation Officer

Michael Sung - Chief Strategist

Brian Kang - VP of Business Development

Carson Knuth - VP of Operations

Jeff Dubinsky - VP of Marketing

Steven Cody Reynolds - Head of Strategic Partnerships

Jenny Kim - Director of Product

Andrew Goncharenko - Project Manager

Oleg Shevchuk - Back-End Team Lead

Iegor Ukhanov - Back-End Developer

Anatoliy Velikokhatskiy - Quality Assurance

Andrey Porubyanskiy - Front-End Team Lead

Reeve Collins - Advisor

Floria A .Rais - Advisor

Andrew Donley - Advisor

David Kim - Advisor

Lester Lim - Advisor

Jesse Tevelow - Advisor

Henok "Hen" Tekle - Advisor

Koh Kim - Advisor

Sishir Varghese - Advisor

Lauren Biedenharn - Advisor

Seonik Jeon - Advisor

Reuben Loo - Advisor

Sheldon Inwentash - Advisor

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