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Token sale opening date:
28 Feb 2018 (3 years ago)
Token sale closing date:
07 Mar 2018 (3 years ago)
Havven is a decentralised payment network and stablecoin designed to enable everyday cryptocurrency purchases. The network reduces price volatility through its dual-token system: HAV, the collateral token, and nUSD, the asset-backed stablecoin. nUSD is collateralised by the value of HAV, and the value of HAV comes from transaction fees that are generated with all nUSD transactions and paid to HAV holders. The value of nUSD is kept stable by HAV holders, who are incentivised to manage its supply. Havven is currently on Ethereum but will also be on EOSIO by the end of 2018.


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Walter De Brouwer - CEO Doc.Ai

Juan Beccuti - Researcher Cryptecon

Peter Reeves - Partner Gilbert + Tobin

Antony Nantes - CEO Direct Money

Andrew Porter - Former MD WorldFirst

Matthew Di Ferrante - Founder ZK Labs

David Curry - CCO CoVESTA

Simon Dulhunty - Non Exec Director TopBetta

Kevin O'Hara - Group CIO Tulla Private Equity

Alan Burt Partner - Beachead VC

Kain Warwick - Founder

Justin Moses - CTO

Jordan Momtazi - Partnerships

Tim Bass - Project Lead

Anton Jurisevic - Blockchain Engineer

Michael Spain - Blockchain Engineer

Dominic Romanowski - Blockchain Engineer

Sergey Vassilyev - Full Stack Engineer

Samuel Brooks - Blockchain Lead

Phil Vadala - Network Security Architect

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