Gominer Token

Gominer Token (GOMINER TOKEN (GT))

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Token sale opening date:
14 Sep 2019 (2 months ago)
Token sale closing date:
21 Dec 2019 (in 1 month)
GoMiner is the first Token based Cloud Mining in the industry of Crypto mining. Gominer developed the token to create a most versatile and profitable cloud mining. The company’s cloud mining lets miners earn their profit in a laid-back way. Miners just have to buy the company’s token and sign a contract with them so that they can convert it into hashpower. Gominer Token is a Peer-to-Peer token that has a sophisticated level of security for a multi-functional digital currency and for all future use expansion. The token is created to help our user to interact and expand the way of their earning in Cloud mining. Using the Gominer Token user can purchase hashpower to start mining cryptocurrency or upgrade their current account and purchase additional services or upgrades.


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Josh Daniel Leris - Advisor on Financial Analyst

Mathew Nick Nereo - Advisor on Digital Marketing

Jack Ethan Mayler - CEO & Founder

Eric Matt Liamison - COO & Blockchain Developer

Cedric John Maude - CFO & our leading Industry Expert

Vincent Lloyd Whitm - Director of Community Development

Jenny Lewey Lauren - IT Professional & Software Development

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