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GIVE is a do-good smart money for kids at school to help them get a financial education and experience the power of giving to charities and impact their world. After a successful pilot in our first Give Labs in Kosovo with 800 coding kids (from 7 to 18 years old) and gathered amazing partners totaling more than 10M kids, we are now aiming to enlist 10,000 children in our beta program.


Restricted areas:
USA, China



Arnaud Saint-Paul - Founder & CEO

Chih-Che Tsai - CTO

Sasha Serafimovski - CFO

Alexandre Massart - Business Development

Christian Kuroki - Blockchain Expert, Lead Developer

Saurabh Dayama - Product

Willy Golden - Education Mover

David De Vriesere - Community Manager

Eduardo Muñoz - Latin America Ambassador

Dirk De Jong - Partnerships

Adi Karmon Scope - Token Economics

Robert Greenfield - Social Impact

Dorothée D'Herde - Sustainability

Heidi Cuppari - Social Impact Investment

Stephan De Haes - ICO Promotion

Frederic Lavorel - IOT Expert

Sohail Khan - Growth

Kyle Wang - Behavioral Expert

Peter Gelardi Mikkelsen - Community Manager

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