Game Protocol

Game Protocol (GXT)

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Game Protocol is a decentralized platform for video games. It is primarily a fundraising platform for games, where developers can create and sell their own crypto-based in-game currency to video game fans and crypto enthusiasts, to fund their game project. The more popular a game becomes, the more valuable it’s in-game currency will be. With the use of the Bancor liquidity pool, Players can easily exchange between in-game currencies. Other benefits of the platform include a decentralized game store, where fans can play games that have been funded & developed and developer’s tools, so games can be developed easily.


Hard cap:
30,000,000 USD
Restricted areas:
USA, China



Michael Halimi

Yankel Hassan

Michael Benitah

Joseph Borg

Tal Ron

Elie Galam - CIO of Eastmore Group

Jonathan Swerdlow - CEO

Paul Huang - Blockchain Expert

Moshe Elbaz - CTO

Efraim Wolpert - CFO

Vlad Piliavsky - Blockchain Developer

Yoni Renous - Game Developer

Natasha Pashkovsky - Game Designer

Nir Shor - SFX Specialist

Alex Ross - Digital Media Expert

Isaac Leyne - Community Manager/French Content Manager

Amit Sadot - Community Manager

Esther Malka Benivri - Legal Counsel

Shlomo Messinger - Accountant

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